Who is this site for?

  • Cheerleaders: Ever wonder why most gymnasts seem to tumble so effortlessly?  Ever wanted to be trained the way they've been trained so you can do the same thing? Now, you, along with your coach, can learn the very best training methods and techniques on this site and apply some of the principles and methods during practice.  You will have access to these drills and methods as you need them in any specific situation that you find yourself. This site can make learning and mastering tumbling skills a lot easier and with a lot less stress and pressure. 
  • For parents who want to understand their child's progress or lack thereof. You'll know if you're unnecessarily pushing them unnecessarily beyond their level of skill. Or you may also learn that you might actually be holding back your child from progressing by being overzealous and pressuring your kids to perform under prepared sets of skills.  You will soon appreciate the learning process and you will be able to convey the empathy and understanding your child needs. And your child's coach will respect your knowledge of the subject: tumbling training.
  • Tumbling Coaches: Ever been frustrated with your kids doing the same thing over and over again, spotting endlessly, almost mechanically, and not getting any result?  Or maybe you're getting the results, but not getting the result that you want in the time table that you want? Or you may be wondering why your athletes aren't as clean and sharp as you think they should be.  In this site, we provide the best drills from the gymnastics and tumbling communities so that you can have the variety of tools to assess, diagnose, and prescribe the best movement pattern exercises, drills, and lead-up skills to make the best of your time whether that's in a private session, a small group, or a large group team practice context. There's something here you can pick up and make part of your repertoire to become more productive in getting the results that you want. And most important of all, you'll have more fun from the variety of tools that you apply during practice. Time will just seem to fly by.  And even if you think you know most of the tumbling drills that you find here, your student athletes do not, and this site will provide you the visual tools to explain and clarify what you're trying to accomplish with them.
  • Cheer Team Coaches:  Ever been in a situation where you're left alone with a team wanting to tumble?  Well, now, you have the resource to know everything you need to run a more productive tumbling practice session. Just bring up the site on your mobile device and you'll have access to easy to apply lesson plans with verbal directives for your athletes beyond the cliche' "point your toes" corrective statements. We have a list of the warm up tumbling drills you can do, and all the technical shapes, positions, and timing you need to look for.  Use the website and show your students proper form right from your mobile device in easy to download GIF images that powerfully demonstrates, within seconds, the right forms, positions, and exercises- they would appreciate the visual demonstrations. 
  • Cheer Gym Owners:  Ever thought of putting your staff through a training class or clinic?  Well, the Tumbling Edge website will probably your next best choice, if not THE best choice for your staff as they  can take their time, at their own pace, in learning these concepts and training methods, always available for their review at a moment's notice.
  • Gymnastics Gym Owners: Cheerleaders are always coming into your gym for tumbling classes with the goal of making the cheerleading squad in their high school team or an all-star cheer team.  Can you give these students the knowledge to understand what it takes to become a successful tumbler without taking time away from your classes?  Tired of students high-pressuring the coaches to spot them mindlessly and endlessly without the basic foundations? Well, with the information on this site, you'll find that your cheer tumbling students will be humbled and will take a longer term approach to their goals instead of hastily throwing under-prepared skills. Also, having your staff review and follow through on the training methods demonstrated herein, you'll have a more knowledgeable and effective staff that can get your clients the results they want while reducing the  risk of njury for unnecessarily spotting under-prepared skills. And when spotting is most helpful, your staff can also learn how to spot most effectively with our video tutorials showing them step-by-step with frame-by-frame slow motion spotting videos from beginner to advanced; from back walkovers, to arabians, to double fulls.