"I need my back tuck," she said. Kids ordering skills like a Happy Meal at McDonalds.

"I need my back tuck," she said.

I responded, "Stop saying that you need a back tuck.  It's not something I can give you.  Instead, say, 'I have to train my back tuck."

"Say it," I added.

She smiled, unwilling to accept my suggestion. Unwilling to accept reality and responded. "no."

This girl's conversation with me is a relentless "Can you spot me for X?" Then she'll add, "I competed this in the last competition...and I just need a little bit of spot."

This is at an open workout that I run at another gym.  I keep telling her, "do round off back handspring rebound with control. If you can't do that, there's no reason to spot it." I've said this many times to her the past couple of months. And according to my judgement, the round off back handspring that she performed, still, is not sufficient in connecting the back tuck, let alone another back handspring...and spotting the connection for a back tuck is a WASTE OF TIME....



I fall for it.  I spotted.  Once,  And then for a second time.

I do this to at least let everyone know that she talks to or people observing that I'm willing to give it a try.  I do it to really test her real abilities.  All I see over and over again is lack of strength, lack of positions in each phase of the combination of skills, lack of basic skills.

Frustrated, I said, shaking my head, "You need to do the drills.  And keep doing them.  You need to do them a million times."

She's a little young.  Maybe nine, ten, or eleven.  I don't understand the impatience and the lack of understanding of the connection between training and the results; the cause and effect.  It's just results for her- work and training is out of the equation. I keep giving her the training and the drills instruction and she keeps coming back with another order for another skill, skipping the drills for the previous skill she requested help in.  Her attitude is: Please, give me a skill- as if ordering a happy meal at a McDonalds.  

 Would you like a full twist with that?


Would that be all?


Pull around the next window, please.