Video Delay App for Coaching: Review by Coach Mack

BaM Video Delay


Review by Coach Mack:
I really like this app for coaching... More so than the coach's eye, especially when it comes to group coaching.  

Here's how it works:  1. You set the app to delay the video feedback as short or as long as you would like.  For instance, you can set the delayed video for 5 seconds, so after the performance of a skill is captured by the iphone's camera, in 5 seconds you'll have the captured video to review.  And that's it.  It's best to set this on a tripod.

 What's cool about this is when I set it on a tripod and the tumblers can just walk over to the iphone and review their tumbling like a mirror, a delayed mirror, without having to touch anything on the screen.  Most times that's all the athletes need.  You don't need to over analyze each execution of skill.  They just need visual feedback.

You can also pause it and see it frame by frame( currently does not work for the 120 frames per second slow motion only at 30 frames for now.)  I switch to the iPhone's camera 120 frames per second slow motion camera for analysis.  I don't use Coach's Eye anymore as it is difficult to transfer files to my photo files and then to my laptop.  

I'll make a video review of this in the future. 

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