Back Handspring, Drills, Incline Mat

Blocking Drills for Back Handsprings.

Awesome drill for blocking through shoulders.  If you feel slow on your back handsprings, you should be doing these.. This takes a while for most people to learn, especially if you don't have a decent backhandspring to begin with.  I would start the same drill, but not up to an incline.  Start on a flat 8 inch mat.  Block through shoulders and then land on belly flat in a tight, straight body, hollow position, open shoulders, head in. 

If that scares you, you should do handstand to fall onto stomach on an 8 inch mat, on top of tumble track, trampoline, or resi pit.  If that idea is still awkward and scary for you, you're not ready for it.  You need to get back to the basics. Do lots of handstands against the wall, just like on this thumbnail.  Don't even snap down to hollow like she does, yet.  Just hold it, take a break when you're about to collapse, and to it, again....and again,,,,and again.  

If you have a strong handstand, doithe basic handstand block, (the vault drill) rebound, on the floor.

I'll update this post with more videos later for better understanding.