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 Open Tumbling.  

Open Tumbling.  

Toms River East High School:  "High School is the time to get involved."  That was the message for the incoming froshman.  Gymnastics appealed to me. I signed up.  I was 14 and didn't know I could do gymnastics at that age.  I was a skateboarder for the last couple of years prior.  The high school made something available to me.  I learned fast.   We didn't have much in gymnastics equipment; no spring floors, but it was enough.  The mats were like marshmallows compared to wiping out on a skateboard on concrete.  First week, I must have learned the backhandspring.  My friend Jess Pagano and I spotted each other.  There was something that stuck with me working out under Mr. Orlasky, our gymnastics coach.  He always had us do basic warm up tumbling in the beginning of practice.  Back and forth on the floor.  It was just routine:  Handstands, handstand rolls, back extensions, pirouettes.  The skills developed in the routine warm-ups generalized throughout all the events.  It made new skills easier and natural to learn. It was common sense, really.  Gymnastics was a seasonal sport for the school and I didn't and couldn't afford going to a Gymnastics gym to train.  I wrestled during the winter season.  I actually attended the International gymnastics Camp in Pennsylvania.  I have no idea looking back on how I got my parents to pay for a week long camp.  it was really expensive at the time for the family. But they did it.

I improved rapidly from froshman to sophomore year... the Summer after my sophomore year I got into an accident at work working for a landscaping company.  It started to rain and my boss told me to get all the lawnmowers and


Sadly, many coaches do not follow proper progressions these days. 

It all started after reading the career guide book, "What Color is your parachute?" I did all the exercises suggested in that book and one of the careers that I came up with was teaching and coaching gymnastics.  So, I went with it.  I called a small gym, locally, and started teaching gymnastics to really young kids; 3-5 year olds.  The gym I signed up with is no longer in business, but they had, in addition to a small gym, a yellow public school bus that was gutted-out and transformed into a mobile gym. They would drive the bus to these pre-school and day-care centers, the kids would come out and walk into the bus and we would conduct gymnastics class.  It was a LOT of work.  

This is not the same bus, but the bus they had looked something like this:

From that same gym, I started working with cheerleaders, high school gymnasts, and some recreational gymnastics with Martial artists and kids ages 6 to 18 years old.  Of course we conducted these classes in the gym, not in this bus in case you missed that.

 I've always been a reader and I always supplement my learning with media outside of my workplace.  One of the books I borrowed from that gym was published in the 70's or 80's.  It contained a drill for cartwheels that To THIS DAY, I still consider THE Best drill and lead ups skill for cartwheels EVER... It's simple, but sometimes, difficult for students to learn this drill,  but once mastered, the cartwheel is automatically corrected and easier to execute correctly. Not too many coaches and instructors do this particular drill.  And it's one of the motivations for me to run this site- so I can share some of these drills.

From this experience of learning something new, from a book in this instance, I reinforced my belief that I can accelerate my learning and effectiveness in teaching and coaching from many different sources; coaches, books, videos, articles, blogs, etc. 

It's been a little over 12 years of teaching and coaching: recreational and competitive gymnastics, trampoline and tumbling, and cheer-tumbling.  I learned a lot over the years and continue to do so.  

From my obsession with becoming efficient in teaching and coaching skills for gymnastics, one day, it just hit me.  I was one of the first that I know of who did a backward roll off a block into pit or floor to train back tucks. But there was a problem that I didn't like.  It wasn't having the students start from standing position.  So, I went to work and started sketching shapes and building clay models of my ideas...then I got it.  

  • I Invented the Cliffhanger, a somersault training device.  

Ever see anyone in a standing position and for the first time do a back tuck or back layout without a spot and without a harness with a full 360 degree backward rotation, feet to feet?  I have, many times, on this gymnastics apparatus I developed and produced a prototype of.  I was working on the patent many years ago but I  decided not to pursue the patent after almost a year of working on it as I didn't have the funds to file or to produce the products. Also,  I went through a learning phase about intellectual property from a guy named Stephan Kinsella.  I learned that patents are simply government granted monopoly privileges and that it is anti-free market and anti-libertarian and against my beliefs. See the facebook Cliffhanger Page.

And as a principled libertrarian I couldn't motivate myself to complete the patent even if just for self defense purposes from those who would try to enforce  a patent against me. 

So, this invention sits idle until I get enough money to produce it and sell it.  Email me if you'd like to see it through or invest and have one in your gym at a discount.

I worked with a former Olympian, Natasha, who coached a trampoline and tumbling team.   I learned a lot from watching her coach. After a couple of years, she decided to leave the gym to work for another gym.  i took over the program and ....


  • Coached competitive Trampoline and Tumbling Skills Levels 1-10.  
  • Coached Mike Acevedo---  on my Trampoline and Tumbling team who eventually moved on to become a Cheerleader at World Cup All Stars and was soon awarded, a year later,  "Best Tumbler" for Team Odyssey, 2014.
 .Mike Acevedo (Right) Trampoline and Tumbling team prior to World Cup Odyssey. 2012(?).  

.Mike Acevedo (Right) Trampoline and Tumbling team prior to World Cup Odyssey. 2012(?).  


Here's a video of Mike Acevedo's video submission for Nfinity Legends 2015:

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  • Likes to write and blog about gymnastics, tumbling, and coaching at TumblingEdge.com.  Right now, updating this site at Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant.
  • Hangs out at Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts for his blogging and NetFlix (favorites: Walking Dead, Hannibal, Breaking Bad and looking for other Murder Mystery shows please email me about your favorite shows).
  • Likes to read about Philosophy and Austrian Economics, Anarcho-Capitalism, Free Market Anarchism, libertarianism.
  • He dreams of a free world, free from corruption, free from the state.

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